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Win a Free Vacation & Save $40K in Rent Collection Costs

Property management can be a stressful business. Today, we are bringing you two things to make your lives a little easier: an example of how you can save money while still taking on new properties, and the opportunity to simply escape from rent collection for a while with a free vacation to Hawaii with our Stress-Free Sweepstakes! 1)

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New PROMAS payment file for PayNearMe property managers

property manager No one looks forward to more work at the end of the day. For property managers, reconciling payments is a difficult and time consuming process, and we’ve had many come to us asking how we can help make this process easier through their PROMAS property management software account. We’re happy to share that as a

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Keys to success for accepting rent payments in cash

cash payments Property managers will inevitably come across ideal prospective tenants who want to, or need to, pay rent with cash. While the non-bouncing nature of cash seems like a great way to collect the rent, in reality, traditional cash payments  can be a risky business, not to mention inconvenient and time consuming. The property manager needs

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